Let's Get Pretty

Let's Get Pretty

So I've decided to start adding different beauty and mind cleansing tips on here every now and then  ❤️ Let's get started with a basic face care routines for different skin types. I'll try and break down steps you can take depending on your skin type.


Oily Skin- I recommend using witch hazel and a cotton ball, and dab it on your face. Witch hazel is an astringent which is good for removing and absorbing excess oils from the skin. After I would recommend following up with a Sukari Face scrub to restore softness and moisture in the skin. 


Dry Skin - For dry skin, I would recommending taking an Aloe Vera plant, cut the leaf in half and rub it around your face. Aloe is made of 95% water so it's very good for restoring dry skin. Rinse the aloe and finish with the Sukari Face Scrub on this one also because the natural are honey used in the scrub helps hydrate the skin.


Acne - You will also use the aloe vera start for the acne because it's a natural healing plant. Finish it off with the Turmeric Face Scrub, turmeric is good for fighting acne and acne scares because it is a natural antiseptic which removes and stops bacteria and has anti- inflammatory properties.


Dark Spots/Scarred Skin - You could also apply the aloe method to this, but aside from aloe you will need lemon. Take a lemon, slice them into thin pieces and rub them onto your face. Rinse with lukewarm water. Use the Turmeric Face Scrub. Turmeric helps reduce the appearance of scars, and acne. It consist of cur cumin which helps even dark spots and hyperpigmentation. 


No matter the routine you do, I would always recommend finishing off with a Rose Water Hydration spray. Even if you don't have time to go through the full routines every day or night, I would highly recommend using the Rose Water just to keep your skin freshly hydrated, to reduce acne, dry skin, and redness. It mists very light on your face, restoring the pH balance of your skin giving you a fresh cooling reset. ❤️



Pleaaaaaasseee, PLUUHZEEE do NOT forget to drink your waterrrrr, add fruit to it if you have to (I'll make another post about good fruit water combinations) But this plays a big role and it will speed up results.




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