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Fragrance Oils

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Fragrance Oils can be used in many different ways

  • -Add a few drops into a small spray bottle of water to create your own air freshener 
  • Add a few drops side of your packages/orders to add a luxurious experience for your customer
  • Add drops to cotton sheets and put them in the washer to create your own dryer sheets/ or put cotton sheets in drawers and storage to keep your clothes fresh
  • Burn inside of an oil burner (Click here to shop our oil burners)

This oil comes in an 1/2oz Dropper Bottle.

Fairy Dust (Similar to Pink Chiffon)
Top: fruity
Middle: floral + cherry
Bottom: sugar + vanilla 
Sugar Baby  
Top: raspberry 
Middle: pink sugar
Bottom: strawberry
Laundry Day (Similar to Downy Fresh)
Top: fresh linen
Middle: cotton
Bottom: jasmine + vanilla
Sweet Lemonade 
Top: lemonade 
Middle: lime
Bottom: sugar + raspberry 
Eucalyptus Teakwood 
Top: spearmint 
Middle: powder + teakwood
Bottom: eucalyptus 
Blue Raspberry  (Similar to Blue Jolly Rancher)
Top: Raspberry
Middle: Candle + Sugar
Bottom: Blue Berry
Pink Pineapple
Top: Pineapple
Middle: Palm 
Bottom: Sugar + Sage
Tiki On The Beach
Top: lemon + orange peel
Middle: coconut + pineapple
Bottom: sugar + rum
Forbidden Fruit
Top: citrus
Middle: sweet + floral
Bottom: cherry + strawberry
Bite Me
Top: orange + lemons
Middle: berries 
Bottom: cherries + lime


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