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Intention Oils 🌟

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Combination of organic oils & herbs for aromatherapy & intentional purposes 💛✨ Apply to wrist, neck & behind your ears while saying affirmations. (check out our affirmation list)

Try adding oil drops to your bath for the full aromatherapy relaxation experience  !! 


 Love & Love 

Used to enhance self love, confidence and attracting positive relationships/ friendships. Apply while saying affirmations or stating your intentions. Recommended to add to your Love & Love Bath, Aphrodite's Magnetism or Nefertiti's Coconut Bath Mix.

Anxiety Wasi-

Use when you have feelings and fears of anxiety. When you're feeling overwhelmed, worked up or anxious count your breaths and apply while saying your affirmantions.

Bonne Nuit Sleep

If you're having trouble getting to sleep apply this oil to your wrist, behind ears, neck and/or ankles for a fast goodnight sleep. 

Majestic Meditation

Meditation is a powerful tool for every soul. This oil will help put you in a calm, relaxed state of mind to help focusing while meditating. Try focusing on your affirms and breathing while applying oil to your wrist, neck and behind ears. Add a few drops to your spiritual bath for concentration

Relax & Relax

Perfect for after a long day of work or after class. When you're ready to wine down and just kick your feet up and relax this will calm you and put you in a mellow mood.


This is our top selling product! Used for manifesting your thoughts and dreams into reality! Whether you are manifesting starting your own business, selling out of product, extra time on an assignment, new house, job promotion!! You name it! The sky isn't even the limit with this product. Apply oil and follow instruction card for best results! Check out our feedback page for testimonies.



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