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Body Spray

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2oz Glass Spray Bottle

Everyone loves a good body spray! These sprays are great for a quick freshen up while you're out on the go, and they make perfect finishers for when you're fresh out of the shower.

Mahogany Cocoa Butter

(Vanilla + Cocoa Butter + Jasmine + Sandalwood)

This is Allie Kay's Top Selling Fragrance! This warm and cozy fragrance is has the perfect blend of luxurious cocoa butter, rich vanilla and sweet jasmine. 

Sparkling Champagne 

(Jasmine + Champagne + Strawberry)
This Fruity Fragrance has a mix of sparkling champagne and strawberries that is very sweet like candy (; Very similar to "Strawberries & Champagne" by VS

Sweet Tooth

(Sugar + Raspberry + Strawberry)
This sweet and fruity aroma is will remind you of candy. Sugary blend of raspberry, strawberry, a dash of vanilla and black currant. Imagine Pink Sugar coated strawberry. 

Miss Daisy

(Strawberry + Violet Leaves + Jasmine)
 Miss Daisy is fruity floral fragrance. It has very similar notes to Daisy by Marcs Jacob. Blends of dreaming berries, fresh daisies and jasmine drops. 

Desire Me

(Peach + Jasmine + Vanilla)
Desire Me is a warm & spicy scent. Perfect for a date night. Blends of Jasmine, Spiced Vanilla & a light peach. Very similar to Jimmii Choo I Want Choo.


(Sugar + Cashmere + Daisy)
Perfection is another one of those "Grown Woman" fragrances. It happens to be our CEO's favorite fragrance. Perfect for date night, movie night, club night, a trip to Walmart... Pretty much anything. This all purpose scent is a blend of sweet sugar, cashmere, and daisy. Similar to Perfect by Marcs Jacob

Pink Diamond

(Orange + Citrus + Amber Wood)
Rich Bih vibes, this fragrance is a blend of fresh orange blossom, diamonds, sugar amber wood & citrus. Similar to Yellow Diamonds by Versaci

Tiki On The Beach

(Lemon + Orange + Pineapple)
This fragrance is like a tropical fruity drink on the beach (that’s how it got its nickname Beach Punch) One of top 3 fragrances for spring & summer

Pink Pineapple

(Pineapple + Sage + Sugar)
Pink Pineapple is very sweet & sugary fragrance! It’s so great that we brought it back for the 3rd year in a row! 

Bite Me

(Berries + Lemon + Lime + Cherry)
Soft hints of berries, like & cherries, this will remind you a sweet fruit punch fragrance. Perfect every day scent

Peach Punch

(Peach + Cream + Sugar)
Formerly known as Peachy Passions. This will remind you fresh ripe Georgia peaches in the early summer 


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