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Bath Mixes

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Mix of natural salts, organic healing herbs, milk and 100% natural oils.
*Try pairing this with our Aromatherapy/Intention Oils! Add a few drops of oil to bath!
Love & Love- used to restore self love confidence and self esteem 
Relax + Relax- filled with herbs and flowers to relax your muscles and mind, great for wining down after a long day
Spiritual- need a spiritual reset? soak all of your past problems, energies and problems away. perfect to use during a full or new moon.
Bonne Nuit Sleep- if you have trouble sleeping, this one is for you. Made with organic lavender, chamomile and jasmine, this is guaranteed to give you a nice goodnight sleep
Aphrodite's Magnetism -Bring out your inner sexy. Use this before you go out, before a good date night, or when you're just feeling like that b**tch 
Nefertiti's Coconut & Rose Milk Bath - Very similar to Aphrodite's Magnetism. The difference is there's milk added into the salt bath mix to give your skin the silky smooth finish. 
Cleopatra's Coconut Milk & Mint- This bath includes milk, peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary and tea tree. Very good for detoxing and smoothing your skin. Also works well for relaxing muscles. Highly recommended to use while cramping




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